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Indis and template:
Envelopes Pivots points Strategy FOR FOREX
Hi Today I will explain to you How to use the envelopes Pivots points strategy on forex
I present the strategy for the 15Minit chart
We will use 4 Elements in this strategy:
– Envelopes: the indicator is in all mt4 platforms the setting for the 5M chart is 0.1 as a deviation but should be adjusted to fit the pair you currently trade when I say fit I mean the band should engulf only the spikes and already have by itself a good win rate for a 1 candle reversion on the past chart
– 2nd indicator is a 25Period EMA this will tell you the trend
– 3rd Indicator is a 13 Period EMA the yellow dotted one it will help you for the Target when the market is trending
– 3rd is a pivot points indicator, it is set to 1H candle when we trade 5M chart
– The last indicator I placed is an automatic Support and resistance Indicator one of the best I have found I let the default settings on it
– All the indicators and template can be downloaded from the link below the video
How works the Strategy
– 1/ Follow the direction of the EMA:
o If the EMA goes up nicely you will make a call only
o If the EMA goes down nicely you will make a put only
o If the Ema is nearly flat you can trade both ways
– 2/ Wait for the price to be outside the bands of the envelopes
– 3/ 1st entry type agressive Enter at the Pivot Point or Support n Resitance outside the band when it touch
o 2nd conservative type wait for the price to hit the level than create and close with a good size wick enter at the end of the candle
– 4/ Stop loss should be 8pips above the level
– 4/ Target profit :
o When Market is flat take from 5 to 15/20pips
o When market is trending nicely you can use the 13 EMA when a candle closes crossing the EMA against your direction, that’s when you exit
Money Management allways use 2% of your account size maximum
I wish you to make money with this strategy
Comment below or ask me on FB or Telegram if you have any question
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