How to understand and trade Forex currency pairs with Telegram message : Forextrade1 – Published in fx currency

This Video gives you a glimpse of how to understand and read telegram message
You can apply the same strategy and level in an actual trade to make a consistent profit


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Comment (3)

  1. Your signals are VERY good. But it is very difficult to understand your communication. Maybe you should consider to employ an English speaking communication executive to get your message clearly to the world. This will help to grow your signals business. Even with this video explaining, I have a hard time following what you are saying. But with your trading skills, you are tops. The best I have ever seen.

  2. مرحبا الموقع عندي على التلغرام واليوتيوب لكنه لغه إنكليزية لا توجد صفحة عربية على تلغرام رجاءا أين أجدها للمتابعة معكم علما دائما أنشرها قناتكم على +g

  3. مرحبا رجاءا لماذا لا توجد صفحة عربيه على التلغرام أو اليوتيوب عربي