How To Use The RSI To Spot Crypto Swing Trades – #692 – Published in swing trading forex

We take a look at how trading instruments (cryptos, stocks, commodities, ETF’s, currencies, Forex and so on) make major highs. There is definitely a need to see some form of negative divergence (where prices improve but the technical indicators stall), I also touch on the fact that generally speaking when an instrument moves above 69.1 for an extended period that this is generally not the high, I discuss what happens when a stock holds above the RSI 50 level, I also discuss the worst type of negative divergence – when new price highs fail to move the RSI above 61.8, I discuss the need to be on the look out for failed breakout, the need to use simple single RSI support and resistance line to understand what an instrument is trying to do, and I also discuss where we should never ignore the general market environment since most instruments will stall in an bear market.

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“Single RSI Long-Term Lines”

“RSI 50 Level Uniform Support or Rejection ”

RSI 50 crossing, sell signals, uniformity, single line, 30.9, 69.1, worst type of negative divergence.

“Negative Divergence [ How To Use ]”

“RSI 69.1 Acceleration & Power”

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“RSI Divergence 2.0 & Uniformity”

“Non Uniformity”

“The Ultimate Muathe Breakout [ UMBO ]”

“Universal Law – Phi – Breakout / Breakdown”

Intel Corporation

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