SFM Exam Improvements | 6th Tip on Bid & Ask Concept of Forex – Published in forex spread

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  1. I want to become a CA. But now I m in class 12 but I think that I can't got good marks on 12 . Is Good persentage is necessary for CA?

  2. Sir, In SFM and AMA paper I have concerns regarding rounding off…. As due to this there are differences in ICAI's answer and my answer… Will this impact my score…. It would be great if u throw some light on this issue…

  3. Thank u sir…to understand bid and ask was one of the difficult task for me…u just made it look simple….i also face prblm in contract cancellation of foreign exchange currency and currency futures if u could help…thank u sir

  4. My man you are a boss!! I'm an MBA Student of IIM Indore and your videos are all I need to recheck the concepts learnt in class. Don't stop this Youtube thing. Try making something like Khan Academy. Trust me you can do it!

  5. Sirji .. per pound is not to be interpreted as 1 pound? Mathematics me per is taken as 1?
    This interpretation had used.. now got it.. why my ans differs with pm.. thank you so much.. pls come up with more such concepts questions!!

  6. OK what I did was dumb!
    I interpreted it exactly the same way, but I chose the second option (with incredible confidence as well 😂) for God knows how! 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Really nice question sir. Put me in my place. Love your videos!

  7. Thank you Sir so much for making me clear the concept. Based on this every sum could now be solved very well. Earlier wen concept was not known , was trying very hard and one whole day was wasted. But now it could be handled very efficiently. Thanks a lot once again:)

  8. I have solved all questions in practice manual
    Also all my class notes too
    Though the interpretation of asset and currency concept(along with currency power) was taught in class
    I never solved any questions keeping the practical aspect of currency power in mind.
    You made me do that with this question sir
    Words aren't enough to thank you for helping us like this…..
    Thank you soo much

  9. Feels good,given rt answer but more revision is yet to be done. Sir pls ask more questions.