300 percent gain made in 5 weeks of Forex trading the simple Forex Envelope/RSI system, Learn how – Published in forex trading software

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We have created an 18 minute video especially for Double in a Day Traders to show:
• Every single trade made during a 5 week period (the Good the Bad and the Ugly)
• Using the simple Forex Envelope/RSI system to enter trades
• And the Double in a Day system to manage those trades
• The patience required to trade the double in a day system
This is an absolute must see for any Double in a Day trader
Hope you enjoy this video


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Comment (34)

  1. For which reason is RSI applying to Median and not Closed-rprice and could that account for the losses?

  2. Very worrying…..the number of stopped out is massive. Looks like more loses than winnings

  3. It is an impressive video for me. I am quite impressed with your technique. I am a new trader in this market. I am currently trading with AAFX broker. This broker gives me 1 pip fixed spread on major pairs and I believe low spread helps me to gain more than usual. I also get some free trade set up every day on their website. This broker is very good for new traders.

  4. there is something that i can't understand, how did you do to open orders with a size bigger than the fund on the account ?

  5. dear sir how to download this indicator..
    i want this Bollinger bands type indicator only..
    reply me soon sir.

  6. the DIAD ea does not have this envelops auto entry system  will it ever be added or is this a sperate ea now

  7. This is a terrible video example if you wish to sell your EA. Not to diminish your work but the amount of times you said 'Stopped Out' is not a good selling point haha

  8. This strategy sucks. A better setup (same settings).

    Last candle RSI crossed the 80/20 levels torwards the center.
    Last candle crossed:
    – Above lower envelope (buy).
    – Below the upper envelope (sell).

    TP = MIddle point (use a 13 centered weighted or exponential MA) or 100/200% stop loss distance (which is on latest high/low).

    Acept the fact that markets zig zag erratically 80% of the time already you trend rider sentimentals.

  9. Hi, I have the DIAD EA, but, don't know how you are working the automated entry with the RSI/Envelope system entry as this Entry option is not available in the EA itself>

  10. Thank you very much for your strategy, actually Forex
    trading business is my part time job, that’s way; I am not interested on manual
    trading! As a result, I use most transparent automatic trading service, Social
    Trading Service of trade24 broker, here I get regular profit without any
    technical problem!

  11. Finaly I make some real money, $440 this session i added video about this strategy

  12. The big wins on this system are made when price trends in a non or low volatile way after triggering from extreme level.
    It's good to see that this system keeps the losses much smaller than the wins, because there are a lot of losses.

  13. Very aggressive strategy with 20% risk. The standard is 12 or less. But bravo, if this is real. Looks like a 50k demo account. Anyone done this on a real account and made money? Message me and I will buy this.

  14. How can this be traded on Interactive Brokers platform ? If you have any program for scale trader/algo trader, please advise costs. thank you.

  15. you count funny. start $50K and end 80K it is 40K gain which is NOT 300% – but 80% profit – but it is good too. Thanks.

  16. Not the dumbest fucking thing I've seen . . . bit close.  You'd do better flipping a coin.

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  18. What other pairs can these settings be used with? Do you also have settings for other pairs, like EURUSD for example? or perhaps GBPUSD?

  19. These are good entries. But I cannot help but wonder if, in addition to moving your stop to break-even, you might thereafter move it to a break even + modest profit, and then let it go from there. if not, a trailing stop the size of the average candle plus 50% or something of the sort.

  20. thanks for sharing this strategy. can u tell us how many trades do u expect to get per day using this strategy and from your experience on which time of the day does the set up occurs the most?