87. Forex Trading – How to Read a Currency Quote – Published in forex trading software

Practice reading quotes with a free demo trading account:

A lesson on how to read a currency quote for active traders and investors in the forex market.


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  3. Hi sir, Thank you so much for your videos it is really beneficial for me. I have 1 question Im trying to understand how to understand pips value & risk management. I already delegate your videos by watching " understanding currency pricing " , " how to read a currency quote "  , " forex trading – understanding the bid/ask spread ' . because when I started watching a certain video relating pips value and money management I got really confused, so I decided to watch the basic first. Am i doing it right ? or is there something missing in between ? I'm a forex newbie . Please help me sirrr 🙁

  4. Thanks for the video..
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    is it a good place for a newbie like me?

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  11. the only scalping being done in the FOREX is by those selling ridiculous robots and systems. The commodity and futures markets, including the GLOBEX, are regulated markets. Forex is very corrupt.

  12. i downlaoded the demo but why mine is not life .. it dosen't flash or going up and down why is that ?

  13. i ask this because there is a myth in our country that a weaker USD and/or stronger home currency is always good for the home country and vice versa, and that if USD costs more/less in a country's currency then that country is poorer/richer than the US. it's a really weird misconception, and i know it's not true but i'm not sure why

  14. the following question has been in my head since i was a little child so i really have to ask: in which ways do forex price movements affect the economy? after viewing your videos i understand that the overall strength or weakness of an economy is reflected on movements of currency pairs which include the economy's currency, but is the converse also true?

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  16. i assume you want us to pick something volatil.

    with the election i'll pick the euro/usd:1.2879 buy 1.2880 sell and usd/cad: 1.1629 buy 1.1632 sell