Fastest Way To Grow Your Account – FOREX – Published in scalping forex

In this video i teach you how to scalp to double your account. Overall I do recommend using risk management but scalping is a very nice skill to have.



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    I love talking to you wonderful traders.

  2. Great Video !!!!!! Price Action works great as well, I use that to know where pullback is probaly going towards…also Session Time mixed with it makes a great recepe..

  3. Great video Jade. Glad that I watched this video. I am gonna watch more of your videos. But most of all I am going to implement this strategy this following week. I enjoyed the way you interacted with your student. Keep it that way cause by just watching I feel like I was part of the class.

  4. How much are currently on your IML team? I'd like to join to trade and build a team but need some pointers to get started.

  5. I love the way you teach.. I can understand more about what the candlestick mean when to get in a trade. Definitely interested in more training with you.. thanks for sharing

  6. Bruh…caught 20 quick pips while watching this vid!! Great tips!! I wanna learn more about scalping!