Forex Live Trade Video +80 Pips on GBP/USD 8hr Chart – Published in forex live charts

In this video I take a long reversal trade on GBP/USD and make +80 pips.


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Comment (11)

  1. Ozayevable, what difference does his lot size make to you? He is providing free information to us and is focused on the strategy and trade potential. I swear some people just say anything and are never satisfied! 

  2. With trend and market flow as bearish, wouldn't it be better to look for entries short against resistance rather than counter-trend entries which have less chance of moving in our favor?

  3. I see! That is definitely a more positive approach to trading. Thank you very much for responding and explaining.

  4. The trend line was not really an issue. If you look for reasons not to enter a trade you will always find them. I do not pay much attention to trend lines. As you can see the trade worked out in the end.

  5. Hi, may I know which software/platform you use to draw your SR line? I can't seem to find a software that is able to make my chart as clean as yours.

  6. I have to say, I was looking at this and thinking that you were waaaay too close to the trendline formed on the top side here. Having that data come out while the trade was sitting on a support level really gave it some kick. I probably still wouldn't have taken this trade, especially when its counter-trend. Did it end up turning around after you had closed it out?

  7. Some things are personal. I do not want people to know how or assume how much money I earn. Would you share your personal details with thousands of people online?

    Also, I am not here to show off my account size. I am here to show people how to trade. My account size should not matter to anybody other than me.