Forex Trading Strategy: Learn Swing Trading 1000+ pips (2018) – Published in learn to day trade forex

Forex trading is easy when you are doing it right. The strategy that I apply when trading Forex Pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD and many ) is very simple.The example I use is from the live trade taken 1200 pips has been taken out and i have made a win to win scenario. I don’t mind holding it for the much longer time period now as the trade involves no risk now(one of the strategies i use). This trade on EURUSD and 9 months into the trade
Watch how i manage my trade and swing it.

The price came down to 23.6(Fibonacci retracement) level-I kept my nerves and moved according to my trading plan.

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  5. I loved the video, i was wondering if you had more content on the rising and dropping SRs

  6. Excellent. Longest trade I had was 1 month. ? on weekly timeframe.

    I'm subbed. This is what I want to do in my future trading.

    Very good video.

  7. One of the best forex trading strategy i came across.Nice trade..i am struggling in holding my positions .Please advice how steps should i take to be long term swing trader?

  8. Interesting @18:40: You say you already made 400 points profit, which is sufficient since your stop loss was -400 points. I'm a beginner, and til now it never occurred to me: If you aim for at least X amount of win (-X was your stop loss), then if you guess correctly >50% of the time and also can take indeed that much, you will not be a loser.