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On this weeks Friday Live I speak with a former partner in a Billion Dollar Hedge Fund who now coaches new traders at investment banks. Also I walk you through the price rejection trades that I’ve taken in the past week plus we recap the week that was the what’s likely going to drive financial markets next week.


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  1. Hey man… Just discovered your channel… Very nicely done… Love your content, I'm not new to forex, been trading for 3y since I actually know what I'm doing, haha
    I subscribed for sure… The channel is new? Noticed you will do lives every Friday… Hope I will catch some even though I'm in Canada… But will try!
    Regarding the difference between a succesfull trader and a struggleing one indeed is money and risk management… My trading changed drastically exactly when I finally understood how to use proper risk management…
    Cheers and will keep watching