How I Scalp The Forex Market – Published in forex scalping



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  1. Hey which indicators do you use i want to scalp & want the ones you had ! Lmk pls thank you!

  2. IML is garbage lol, this shit is a pyramid company. That's why these dudes push join my team join my team, they get paid from you signing up under them.

  3. Hey Jay, thank you for this video. Quick question,do you have a video on how to setup the Stochastic Oscillator? The one on MetaTrader4 looks way too simplified than yours. Thanks

  4. This is a nice video; thank you for for sharing, I'm inspired that you are doing this while you work and no excuses about it.

  5. i have tried to send you a email but it won't send wrong address maybe i am writing it wrong

  6. Thanks for another insightful presentation Jay. My Question is – Do you insert the indicators as standard or do you alter the settings?

  7. I like your strategy and being that you are working it gives me something to relate to. I'm 7 days in. Thanks for this video.