How to Trade Forex Using Price Action (Webinar) – Published in forex trading strategies

In this webinar I cover the basics of my price action trading strategy. I show you how you can use price action to master Forex trading.

Day 2:
Day 3:

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  1. Thank You so much Sire! I thought I had the gist of S&R but you helped on a massive scale when you went over BCW. Blessed be

  2. And i have question regarding this video, 52:11, like you checked the body bounce of the old data but didn't care about it not being in line with the new data(i know there was CBW in recent data) but the old data was a way lower than the support/resistance you put there but you put it according to the new data. I didn't get that point, could you please explain? Thanks.

  3. I haven't Watched any of your videos and i was going through youtube to check what price action is and found this and its pretty good with respect to other channels, and now i got to visit your whole channel, can you please tell me if these three videos and then practicing after that would be good enough for me to get a good grip on price action and candle stick pattern analysis or do i watch other videos from your channel other than these three in this master forex trading playlist. Regards.

  4. GREAT VIDEO, ur channel was recommended by my good friend. GREAT TUTORIAL FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!

  5. At 15.20 You ask who is in control of price but then you do not say. At the time you take a trade, who is in control of price and how do you know the effects on your trade till you stop your trade regards Hayden

  6. How can you read the graph or apply any strategies, when the graph is always reinventing its self regards Hayden

  7. Can you explain how you can read charts and candlesticks when neither hold any tangible information for successful future trades. The forex graph is a catalyst for story tellers.

  8. Hey Nick, honestly have to say, after watching your tutorials and following your rules, I've made many more successful trades then previously. Thanks very much for all the free content you pump out. Much appreciated.

  9. New to the channel, just watched the webinar and you mentioned you draw S/R on daily time frame but I must have missed what time frame do you actually take trades on?

  10. Hey Mate, Where do I find videos for someone who is new to Forex. I am very new so needed info for beginners.

  11. Just at the rules about chat being disabled….Thank you!!!! It is virtually impossible for me to get anything from jut about every webinar I come across because everyone gets distracted by the chat….demanding viewers and polite and easily distracted hosts hahaha. Looking forward to actually learning something Cheers mate

  12. Nice webinar, I have a question Why didn't you place a S/R line around 1.13000 on EUR/USD pair? It stood out for me, and it looked good

  13. Hi, Can I place the support and resistance to the 1hr and 4hrs time frame, different from the 12hrs and Daily Chart? Cause the distance from the support and resis of Daily is too far from my 1hr and 4hrs chart?

  14. I ve read over the past 6 months…literally every book in the Boston public library on the currency trade, government policies, technicals….these are great videos….myself lately I think I've gotten much better at the FX trade…however in huberous behavior I turned to chasing cars…I found myself most profitable on momentum trading with the use of financial data as a catalyst…I haven't seen anything on fundamentals…do you not follow then or just no vids?…Im totally on board with the indicator thing btw

  15. Thanks alot, you are my mentor in forex. You really make forex trading a walk in the park using your strategy

  16. Great video man, I always learn something new from you.
    Can I know what presentation software you used for your slides please?
    Thank you !!

  17. I would add my voice of appreciation also. I learned a lot and I've been able to apply what I've learned and I have made good money. Thanks nick.

  18. You are truly a Revolutionary Forex Reformer

    Thank you for your time sharing your strategy with us, the rest of the noobs!

  19. Nick, I watched "Day 1 & 2". I haven't seen "Day 3". Has it been released? They are quite a lot of help/education for free. Thanks.

  20. Hi, love your work, great education but i actualy have a question about tradingview. Im using it also theres no problem on pc but i cant get watchlist to appear on android device alongside with the graph the same way it works on pc. Is there any way to do so? Tried to google it but no success…

  21. first ..congratulate for your 10th years anniversary..second please do a webinar on live market ..i know it just a basic courses but most people video on trading was base on demos and on closing market..i would really appreciate to see how expert and specialist like you trade on live market, how you can used support and resistance and how you used to buy or sell an asset..and finally could you really used support and resistance on 5min, 15min and 30 min charts?…it would be really a great lesson for beginner like and i really like the way you explain things..thanks to you and have a great day

  22. I'm new to forex trading and this is my favourite channel. Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Hey Nick! I began watching your videos about 3 weeks ago and I can tell you that my knowledge on forex has doubled. I see things more clearly now and am still watching your videos like every day to pick things I missed out.Thanks..Also, congrats on your 10 years Anniversary