Learn Forex Live Indicators And Charts – Published in forex live charts

See what your Forex trading charts look like when using Hector Deville’s custom indicators. You get these indicators as part of his Price Action Forex Trading Course.


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  3. It does not look like I can put link here, and I don't want put my email here as well. Forex Trading Lab dot com is my website. Go there and use the contact form.

  4. Not sure where to go to send you the message as i get the same panel to contact Hector with the post it note on ?
    Thats were i sent my intial message and did not get an answer.
    its only a small point but i do need an answer before i consider placing an order

  5. Ok, that worked. So, if you want to talk to me, just go to my website and use the contact form there. If you want to talk to Hector, go to his website and use the contact form there.

  6. yes i would appreciate it if you would contact me, as i just get an automated reply,

    I used the reply e mail that is on the video i watched on the site.

    do you have an email address i can sent my mail to as i dont want to put mine up on here


  7. I'm wondering what email you used to contact Hector… since I've never had any problem contacting him or getting a reply. Are you a customer? If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

  8. dont waste you time with them, I asked direct question to Hector himself (yes right)

    and got some automated BS, reply and i bet this gets deleted Also.

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