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Comment (7)

  1. One question tho
    How come u didn't stack your positions
    And make more money off off the short drop

  2. I love the fact that u use your
    ADX & Stochastic indicators
    Wait until they all line up
    Wait for the moment
    And then jump in …
    Thanks for this video dude

  3. Hey. I Just started watching your vids, I’m totally new to this. Had a practice account for 2 months. Learning everyday. Made some good moves, some bad. I’m looking to try for real some day soon. I hope to learn a lot from you bro. From the UK.

  4. Hi, nice video, but remember that the forex market is ruled by banks and major companies so take in mind that if you see clear trendlines, they see it too, and in order for them to be profitable, they need to stop-loss you out and go in the previous direction. I'm not trying to go all daddy-teaching mode, but I like your effort that you put in these videos and I would advice you to try trading reversals at the end of the trendlines, the big "pumps and dumps" always happen at those moments and a lot of easy 50-100+ pips can be made easily. So keep on trading and I hope that in a few videos I will see you in a lambo haha.