Live Forex EURUSD Trade – Price Action Trade – 1 Hour Chart – Published in forex live charts

Another live Forex trade using price action analysis on the 1 hour chart. In this video, I take a long EURUSD for a relatively quick but small 1:1 risk to reward. I used price action (plus 2 moving averages) to analyse the chart, open the trade and close the trade.

More live trading videos are available on my trading website.

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Comment (9)

  1. What are you MA settings and how do you use them, and if you don't just dime asking how much do you put on a trade and do you have a video on a one hour pin bar strategy exposing your MA

  2. great, but why didnt you put the TP just below the horizontal resistance instead of above it?

  3. Awsesome walk………only kidding. Another insightful video. I understand you've worked extremely hard to make various strategies profitable, but could you offer some factors worth experimenting with throughout the back testing process in order to become profitable, away from the obvious such as stops and take profits??? I'm talking RSI divergence, MA lines. It's a broad question but anything would be handy. Thanks mate!

  4. Hey Sam! What does your trading day look like, schedule wise ? Like what time you wake up, how many hours you trade etc. I'm not sure if I'm being optimal or not that's why I ask haha