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How to make an extra $2,200 a week with a stock & forex trading robot. No way! The ONLY way to make money in the stock & forex markets is to LEARN everything you can and put real time into solid technical & fundamental research.

Don’t think you can buy a magical “black box” for $20 and it’s going to rain money on you. Sorry about that.


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  1. I hear lots of people keep on talking about Trabeplom System. But I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever try this popular forex secrets?

  2. Man have you ever tried one of those EAs? Back up your opinion before you claim something is a scam. Show proof!!!!!

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  4. Dude! Can't believe you're still making YT videos.. It's been awhile since I last seen you're vids ..

  5. thing is i use certain things that say… oh thats a good entry point…. but its still watching external factors too. The real answer is in what do professional no dassle nonsense trader do!… the more the professionals with results you learn about… the more you realise its a deep pool to swim through…. bring a baseball bat for the sharks!

  6. You are wasting whole a lot of your time and money if you are even considering to use any other app than ( because all of these apps are nothing compared to this and I am a clear evidence of that. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and now, and I haven’t been this happier in my whole life because I am making more money than I ever made.

  7. The most amazing thing about this app is the fact that it has the ability to produce results 90 percent of the time without being a complicated thing to handle because it is designed for everyone and I know that because I was too a beginner when I started using this app ( )and even than I made quite a lot of money by using this app.

  8. And how much would you pay me if I prove you wrong? If you yourself said it I didn't even bother to look at it then stop talking out of your ass, I have 3 of them working on a live account and been there for about a year now, If you want to see results then just ask, but don't go around here and talk out of your ass when you haven't looked or tried it yourself. You're living in a Hollywood movie, the Robots will not make you rich you dumb fuck they will generate extra income depends on the account size, GTFO with your stupid talk. If you don't understand how it works then shut your pie hole, you Americans make me sick, the level of ignorance and stupidity is overwhelming

  9. Anyone know what is Trabeplom System about? I hear a lot of people get a
    ton of profit with this Trabeplom System (do a google search).

  10. As expert, I do believe Trabeplom System can be great way to get a ton of bucks. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

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  13. hey KH i was thinking of getting into forex trading and i want to learn. are there any websites or anything that you could send me to that can teach me? im willing to learn it all

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  17. so kinghuman if you make that kinda money why arnt u on a beach somewhere instead of getting all mad and making these videos.

  18. Hey King Human…. Could you give me a figure of what you make with stock trading within the first year you started? Thank You in advance

  19. Redact'in my Shit, oh Wise-1 ? PT-!–O2U . . . PS it's e-z-er 2 just delete me, Don't yah-think ? I'm outta here, I'm sick of u already !