TheAlienGift TAG MT4 Forex Robot 4 Nov CAD data demonstration – Published in forex robot

TAG is a MT4 Expert Advisor developed by Binni Ong at OnlineForexMaster. This video was made 04 November 2017.

Video transcript:
1. 03 November 2017 we had the Canadian (employment) data and that data came out very strong.
2. On the 1st Novembner there as a buy setup already identified by TAG (TheAlienGift MT4 Forex Robot) so there is a ‘buy’ arrow here and TAG already placed a limit order to catch in case there is a dip down.
3. [Playback hourly chart of USDCAD for 02 November 2017]
4. TAG is able to catch a spike down and immediately go into profit.
5. As price moves, TAG will trail the limit buy order by removing previous ones.
6. The trail is pretty fast. Without a quick trail, you cannot really catch that spike down.
7. At the beginning of 03 November there is a new buy signal so there is a new limit order placed because of new condition available.
8. You can see that during the employment change and just before it moved up, there is a spike down.
9. The spike down is to catch stops, people who place stops below the earlier horizontal level.
10. That spike down, TAG caught it very nicely.
11. It got filled and immediately went into a profit.
12. If price continues to go up, TAG will place 2 more profit targets above for a total of 3.
13. Additionally when it hits the first TP (target profit) level, SL (stop loss) will be shifted to break even.
14. The remaining two tickets that you have entered will be risk-free.
15. Let’s look forward to the release of TAG next week or two weeks later.


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