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Tutorial, How to manage your forex scalping trade in real time

1. This methodology is designed to take our 30min expiration signals but can be applied to any forex scalping trade SL and TP should be adapted to your strategy
a. Advice if you chose to trade forex than stick to it and if you chose BO same focus will help you to succeed don’t divide your attention
2. This methodology is technical analysis based so it will work best outside fundamentals events like News
3. Two types of entry and trades:
a. 1st Pending order at SR and alert to follow the price action when the trade is triggered
i. Scratch the trade with low amount of pips if the PA is against us
ii. Take profit 5 pips or when the PA starts to goes against us
b. Market execution entry (better with a zero spread account) but commission important with low pips profits so you need to know
i. TF of confirmation Chose the best chart based on its appearance 1m or 5m, the 5m gives more reliable results
ii. Candlestick confirmation:
1. Engulfing candle
2. Doji high or low broken accordingly to our expectation and 1m candle close there
3. Additional security 5m candle close
iii. Positionning the SL above or below the last high or low
iv. If positioning the SL is not possible scratching your trade
v. Take profit 5 pips or trailing the stop to the new high/low to try to make more
1. engulfing candle against us scratch it
4. Principle order flow
a. 1H TF attract orderflow so better probabilities little amount of pips
b. Explaination psychology when the price goes farther from the S/R traders doesn’t know anymore if it’s a buy or sell and likely price loses power
5. END
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